Things to do before you head to the airport

Here's a simple checklist of the things you need to do before you start your journey, it could be a long or a short one. If we have to enjoy our travel and make the most of it, we need to ensure the house we live in is safe and secure in our absence.

  1. Pack your bags with all the essentials, tick your packing checklist off
  2. Don’t leave anything back, carry everything needed
  3. Switch off the lights at home (Do not waste the electricity)
  4. Switch off all the gas stoves
  5. Don't light lamps or incense sticks, if they fall, they may set your house on fire
  6. Don't forget to take all the required keys
  7. Don't buy too many groceries – they may be unused for days and may expire
  8. Try to clean up the house so that you come back to a clean house
  9. Don't forget to carry your wallet and passport
  10. Take all the important documents, print out if there are any
  11. Turn on the burglar alarm (If any)
  12. Make sure your pets are looked after in your absence
  13. Lock all the doors – double check
  14. Most importantly – don’t forget to enjoy your holiday!